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This week has been a roller coaster of emotions for most of us. Yesterday was especially hard and just plain weird. But I’m finding a bit more optimism today.

It feels like this is all being blown out of proportion. I can’t help but wonder if there are ulterior motives. My suspicion is high (I am an enneagram 6 after all). It’s unsettling. But none of that changes the reality. Life as we know it is changing.

So we have a choice to make. We can complain, worry and get ourselves into a place of despair or we can embrace it and use this time to thrive and grow.

Are scary times ahead? Maybe! Trust me, I have a running list of worst case scenarios that could come from this. But we must remember who fear is from and the devastating effects living in fear can have. Satan wants us to act rashly, selfishly and he knows fear lowers our immune systems.

So instead of buying into his fear, let’s encourage one another daily (yes! We’ll need daily and hourly reminders!) of the GOOD.


Friends, nothing builds community like living through similar circumstances. Maybe we won’t be building this community physically but we can still find ways to band together and support one another.

Maybe this will force you to look to the people right next door. There may be opportunities to pool resources, go for walks together or maybe just recognized that you’re surrounded by people you’ve never noticed before now.


Things are slowing down. Events canceled, schools out, travel restricted. We spend our lives hopping from one thing to another. We are busy and we’ve known we’re entirely too busy but just can’t find a way to hop off the train and slow down because that would be counterculture. Now all the cool kids are taking a break from every day life!

With more people home, we can expect the internet to slow down as well. Take a break from streaming, unplug from social media for a few hours, find something offline to do. This won’t be a bad thing!

Family time

Are your kids facing a 2-3 week school break? Does that feel overwhelming? Find yourself a homeschooling mama, she will no doubt have some tips for you!

Use this time to work through the messiness that sometimes gets swept under the rug. But I also caution you not to dwell on every little misbehavior or annoyance. Pick one thing to focus on improving. When that’s done, move on but until then, be gentle on other things. It will be really easy to focus on all the negative which is stressful for mama but can also make kiddos feel like they can’t do anything right.

Utilize the school break to fortify your family. We have allowed ourselves to be so disconnected. There’s school and work and extracurriculars. We end up being a group of people that just coexist. What would 3 weeks of lots of family time do for your family? Play games, read books, go outside! Love on each other!


Times like this really highlight what’s important. I don’t know about you but I stocked up on food and have questioned any non-essential purchases. I don’t need a new shirt this week, my holey yoga pants will suit me fine but I am gonna buy enough stuff for 2 weeks of meals and of course there will be cinnamon rolls involved!

So many things we worried about last week seem insignificant this week. Perspective is a beautiful thing!

I’d be amiss if I didn’t suggest you use this time to reflect on your heart. This whole thing is being brought on because of a virus, one with a history of killing people and that’s scaring a lot of people. While the risk is relatively small, everyone around you is preparing. What if we gave that same level of preparation to what is to come when our lives here are over?

I don’t want to get preachy but I do encourage you to dig into the Bible. Just read it. Make it one of the books you read during your downtime. See what happens.

Pray lots. Knowing you don’t have to shoulder the burden yourself is a huge blessing. And how cool is it that we get to talk to the creator of the world?

Lots of churches are going to be broadcasting their services. Tune into one of those. (Find ours here!) Have questions, reach out! I’m happy to answer what I can or hook you up with someone who can.

Other possibilities

On a different note, here’s a few other things that might come out of this if we shift our focus to the positive.

-become a creative cook
-reorganize your house
-take daily naps
-finish a project
-learn a new skill
-comfy clothes all day long
-less laundry
-buy less gas
-December 2020 baby boom
-decide what you’re going to do with all that toilet paper when this is over

With any luck, we’ll look back on this with some fondness. We’ll have stories to tell our grandkids! And I only hope we’ll better people after this. ❤️

How are you staying positive? What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?

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