I got this crazy idea last year when it was time to buy fall clothes: coordinating family capsule wardrobe. I executed it, loved it and knew I would do the same for future seasons! So I just purchased Spring/Summer wardrobes for my kids and couldn’t be more excited! Remember my post about “Faking it ‘til […]

None of us want to be the “hot mess mama” but in these years of littles it’s just bound to happen at least time to time. Babies, moves, job losses, new jobs, losing my dad, new churches and regular life stuff have kept me in survival mode for my 10-year mothering career. I’ve been the […]

The smell of coffee wafted down the hallway. As I approached the door, quiet chatter spilled out from the dimly lit room. Stepping inside, a feeling akin to coming home washed over me. The day I had waited for all summer was here.   I grabbed myself a cup of coffee. Coffee I had not […]

As I sip my afternoon cup of coffee, I glance around to see my living room in all its messy glory. There’s leftover snacks on the end table. A doll car at my feet. My husband’s shoes are in the same place they landed when he kicked them off last night.  The sofa is for […]