When I chose my blog name, the focus was more on the “Intentional” part of it. As an enneagram 6 and logical thinker, I thrive on making informed, intentional decisions! But sometimes life likes to throw in some irony and mine is no exception. Unplanned has been the name of the game for the last […]

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions for most of us. Yesterday was especially hard and just plain weird. But I’m finding a bit more optimism today. It feels like this is all being blown out of proportion. I can’t help but wonder if there are ulterior motives. My suspicion is high (I […]

Today is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Being such, I had opportunity to share my miscarriage experience at my MOPS group this morning. I hope it reaches those that need to hear it. <3 I remember holding 6-week-old Canaan, looking down at him and weeping. Never had I ever loved a person like I loved him. He […]

See this girl? Her diet was clean. She was the thinnest she’d been since having kids. It was thrilling to be wearing smaller clothes and having a flatter tummy! She really thought she looked GOOD! What you don’t see is that she was practically starving herself. Not because she had an eating disorder. But in […]

Introverted. Quiet. Shy. Hermit. Wallflower. Observer. Silent. Anti-social.  These are all words that describe me. They are also easy to say and use as labels for myself. But this is me. Since 4th grade, I’ve been quiet. I was told I was precious a few too many times and decided to shut up and lock […]